Card Distribution At Blackjack Games Is Important For Some Players

Players decides to sit down at a game inside of a casino they consider two things.

Players will obviously look at the rules of the game to see what they’re playing. Before looking at the rules

some players will look at where the dealer takes the cards from when sending them to the players.

We cover different blackjack rules and how they impact the house edge of a game fairly often.

Today, we’ll look at the other decision a player makes when choosing a blackjack game inside of a casino.

There isn’t much time spent on how the cards are delivered to a player.

Some could argue that the latter is just as important. 카지노사이트에

Different Card Delivery Systems

Personally, I look at where the dealer takes the cards from before even checking out the rules of the game.

There are three ways cards are situated before the dealer sends them to players.

I prefer two of the three methods.

Shoe: This is the most common way for cards to be held for the dealer.

This is the long device on the table that can hold up to eight decks of cards.

Blackjack dealt from a shoe is the most common setup in a casino.

Pitch: This is another traditional method of dealing cards.

This is when the dealer holds the cards and “pitches” them to the players.

These games have one or two decks.

Continuous Shuffle Machines: Over the past 10-15 years, casinos have started using Continuous Shuffle Machines (CSMs).

As the name states, the cards are in a constant state of being shuffled.

These machines are used for many different casino games nowadays.

Many blackjack players – pro and recreational – often have a preference on how they prefer the cards are shuffled and dealt.

While the house edge of a blackjack game is affected by the number of decks,

the delivery system has little impact.

Does It Matter?

The type of card delivery systems may have a small effect on the house edge.

The difference for recreational gamblers is minimal. A CSM will slightly change the house edge

for a blackjack game. While the difference is negligible, it’s in favor of the player.

The rules of a blackjack game are more meaningful to a recreational blackjack player than how the cards are dealt.

That said, blackjack players have preferences.

If all rules are equal, I’d rather play a blackjack game with fewer decks.

Pitch blackjack is my personal preference but it’s not a deal breaker.

Playing a blackjack game from a shoe is my second preference.

The house edge is slightly lower with fewer decks in play.

That’s a bonus but isn’t the only reason that I prefer pitch blackjack.

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