Cashless Poker Machines – A Way to Tackle Problem Gambling

  • Problem gambling is strong in Australia
  • Cashless poker machines can be a great solution for addicts
  • Here are the details on these machines

Cashless Poker Machines

Poker machines or slot machines are such a fun way to gamble! Easy to use and entertaining.

So it is not a surprise that they are very popular among people who wager. However, these are also the qualities that makes people lose track of their gaming.

But a new solution, being cashless poker machines, are here to tackle this problem!

We have to face the facts: no matter what their original purpose is, wagering forms tend to develop problem gambling in people.

It is supposed to be something exciting, something amusing, that gives you the possibility to make some extra money.

But people – just like with many other things – tend to go to the other extreme with it.

Thus generate gambling problems for themselves.

Furthermore, there are several solutions to this practice.

Such as the Gibraltar Gambling Addiction Research Fund.

Or the New York Gambling Act, but you can also find a solution to gambling addiction in Australia.

And now New South Wales has taken a step forward with cashless poker machines.

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Harmful gambling in Australia

Australian residents have access to several online gambling sites such as King Billy Casino. So if someone wants to place bets, they have an easy task.

According to statistics from Wikipedia, many Australians, over 80%, engage in some form of gambling 제왕카지노. This is unfortunately the highest rate in the world.

“This figure includes approximately 4% of the adult population who gambles once a week.

Which accounts for approximately 62% of the local population’s annual gambling spending. (…)

Gambling is a significant public health problem, with approximately 80,000 in 160,000 (0.5-1.0% of Australian adults suffering from serious problem gambling.

250,000-350,000 (or 1.4-2.1% of at-risk adults) are at risk. This may make them vulnerable to problem gambling.”

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This is why they need a bad solution. But now, cashless poker machines, or as most of the world calls them 온라인카지노. Slot machine: you can change the rules of the game.

So far, you can understand why Australia has had to find a solution. According to the Daily Mail, Newcastle (NSW) has the first club to introduce cashless poker machines.

In addition to supporting gambling addicts, their goal is to prevent money laundering. Done by criminals and tax evaders.

For problem players, there are several things you can do, such as money and session time limits. You also have real-time information and messaging options.

Testing of these machines will begin in September, which was announced on May 24. Thus they are Aristocrat Gaming and Wests Newcastle. Of course.

This is only useful for players playing in onshore casinos.

However, there are several online casinos in Australia, such as King Billy Casino. They still need to take some steps there.

Cashless poker machine considerations

However, money laundering is a major issue in Australia. So Minister Victor Dominero welcomed this progress.

As such, he said, it would “help us combat the twin sins of money laundering.

Problem gambling, addressing the key concerns of the Bergin Inquiry.” Mitchell Bowen, is the CEO of Aristocrat Gaming and the Chief Transformation Officer.

On the topic, he said: “Aristocrat believes that enabling cashless payment solutions is an innovation that may help enhance the long-term sustainability and vibrancy of our industry.”

Phil Garner, the CEO of Wests Newcastle also commented the development. “A powerful new suite of responsible digital tools will empower our members 카지노사이트. Allow them to set limits, speak to a staff member, or even exclude themselves from the club.”

In conclusion, that is something that sounds promising! Let us all hope it will give the same thrill to gamblers. So they will keep on using this tool!

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