How do online poker sites prevent collusion?

Unfortunately, where there is money to be made, there are people who try to get it without any harassment. The same is true of poker, and some people try to collude for unfair advantage.
We will discuss the different types of collusion in online poker and how to prevent collusion on online poker sites.

online poker collusion explained

Cooperation occurs when two or more players at a table actively work together to gain an unfair advantage. They work together by sharing information about the hole map, sharing information about other opponents’ playing styles, and playing softly with each other. Their goal is for all players in the group to win a hand and split the prize money equally.

Poker is a game of limited information, and the more information you have, the more advantage you have over other players at the table. In general, the benefit of this information is that you know which strategy to use based 온라인카지노 on your experience playing the game and the information available to everyone at the table. This is why collusion is prohibited, as sharing additional information with a limited number of players gives it an unfair advantage over other parts of the table.

For example, if you get to the river and have Q♠T♠ on a board of J♠6♠8♥3♦2♠ and your opponent makes a massive overbet to put you all in, you’d reasonably be worried about a K high or A high flush. However, if you’re colluding with two other people and they tell you they folded K♠7♦ and A♠4♥ preflop, you now know that you have the best possible flush and can easily call.

Collusion can also be used to know whether or not you should be drawing to a certain hand. For example, if you’re drawing to a flush and deciding whether or not you have the right odds to call the people you’re colluding with can tell you whether or not they folded any cards of your suit – giving you information that you’re either more likely or less likely to make your hand if you call and enabling you to act accordingly.


Online poker operators know that collusion on player safety is a big problem, so they actively seek out and stop conspiracies.

One way to do this is to restrict access to the table for people playing under an IP umbrella. This applies to cash games, not tournaments, and if two players under an IP umbrella try to sit at a cash table, the site will not allow the second person to sit. They assume that two people playing in the same house are at least willing to conspire with each other and make sure that does not happen.

However, this does not prevent people from colluding in two different areas or using different IP addresses for those who live with them. Poker sites like Poker 바카라사이트 Stars actively monitor all accounts for suspicious behavior, including bots, collusion, and other suspicious behavior. Since collaborators must be at the same table to achieve their goals, the site looks at the accounts at a table more than accidentally.

Identifying accounts that may be colluding deepens how they play. They find out how suspicious accounts interact with other groups of players and whether there are significant differences. Collaborative players often play slowly when in their hands. This means that we do not take positive action to reach the cheapest possible stage. After all, they don’t care who wins the pot, and inflating the pot means making more money.

If the poker site has sufficient evidence that the account is kept secret, we will freeze the account and confiscate any remaining funds. In the event of a guilty sentence, at the end of the investigation the account will be closed and the confiscated assets will be redistributed to the affected players.

Discover online poker rigging

However, it is not just the poker site that is responsible for catching the conspirators. If you know what to look for, you can find out for yourself.

chip transfer
We haven’t talked about chip transfer or “chip dumping” in this article. Mainly because it doesn’t affect other players as much as normal collusion does. Chip dumping in cash games is used as a way to launder money through a poker site.

A player will deposit their ‘dirty’ money onto the poker site using one of the less reputable deposit methods, join a cash game table where their recipient is playing, and will proceed to lose on purpose to that account. The secondary account will then be able to withdraw their ‘clean winnings’ from the poker site and deposit it where they like.

However, chip dumping can be used in tournaments to gain an edge for a group working together. If a team of colluders is playing and one player has a skill advantage over the rest of the players, it makes sense for the team to give as many chips as possible to that player to give them the best chance of winning. There are a number of methods used to get rid of fleas, depending on how often you see them. One way is for a dump truck to dump the chips everything into a vertical container with the receiver, leaving the smallest amount, and then fold the whole through the receiver.

Another less obvious way is to play a hand gently against each other in the river where they know if the receiver has the best hand and money out there.

cheat players
Since the conspirators don’t care which of them wins the hand, they are free to be as aggressive as they want to bully the other players off the pot. There are many examples of how conspirators can knock players out and drop the pot without a confrontation.

A common preflop example is where the first colluder opens, the unsuspecting player 3bets, the second colluder 4bets, the action goes back to the first colluder 카지노사이트 who 5bets – forcing the unsuspecting player to fold unless they have a monster hand like AA/KK. Now, none of these methods are fool-proof as sometimes the unsuspecting player will have a hand that can go all in, but if the colluders keep the 4bets and 5bets small they can fold when their target goes all in and only lose the minimum.

The same thing can happen postflop, where the first colluder bets, the target raises or just calls, then the second colluder raises over the top of them and the first colluder raises again. It’s such an effective method as it requires the target to have either an extremely strong hand in a multiway pot or an extremely strong read that the players are bluffing in order to continue.

Even though the colluders will sometimes get caught out by a target who just has the nuts, it’s going to work the vast majority of the time and they can shut down as soon as their target puts any more money into the pot. If you see a lot of this happening at your desk, check to see if the same two or three accounts are doing this, and if they’re collaborating.

How to deal with online poker competitions

If you discover this form of collusion, or suspect that players are colluding at their desk, it is best to report it to the site you are playing on. You can do this via live chat with our support team or via email.

We review reports received because the site takes collusion and other forms of fraud very seriously. Many sites will contact you again to provide you with the results of your investigation to give you more confidence and show that your request has not been ignored.

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