Colombia Dreams of Casino Oasis in Desert, Feasibility Questionable

Colombia may be struggling with finding enough workers for its casinos, but the country is not giving up on new projects.

The latest casino aspirations of the Latin American nation include the development of a Las Vegas casino-resort oasis in a desert.

Desert Gaming Mirage in Colombia

The potential project is currently nothing but the figment of Evert Montero Cardenas, who chairs the Colombian Federation of Entrepreneurs of Games o Luck and Chance.

However, seeing a Las Vegas-style resort take shape in La Guajira, a department characterized by its desert landscapes 안전한카지노사이트, is what Cardenas believes will give the region a new lease of life.

Cardenas wants to build an exact desert copy to Las Vegas, but there may be some logistical challenges to overcome.

Until then, the La Guajira department is well connected and there will not be a shortage of people willing to invest.

and it has well-established general connections with North.

Nevertheless, the main challenge is money. An investment of this size would require billions of dollars.

And even to speak of a project in more realistic terms, a feasibility study would have to be done first.

Cardenas acknowledged that they have administrative support to see if La Guajira can first be transformed into a single mega-city like Las Vegas.

The construction of a casino oasis in the desert is certainly not unprecedented and will give Colombia a very strong role in attracting tourists from the region.

While not many travelers come to Nevada from South America, there may be fewer people heading north to gamble and more people heading south to enjoy a potential new venture in Colombia.

The huge potential of the Latin American game

Latin America is home to over 600 million people, and gambling on land is a popular pastime.

Colombia, Mexico and Argentina are pushing for legislative initiatives to make doing business safer and more accessible.

Major US brands are already investing in the South, and Rush Street Interactive will begin a 25-year partnership in January.

However, Las Vegas got off to a strong start as mafia money entered the early stages of development.

La Guajira cannot play with the same card. The Las Vegas sister in the south may remain an unfulfilled dream.

Ludwig Ahgren said he doesn’t like gambling

Ludwig Ahgren is one of the most recognized names in video game distribution. The pro recently 카지노사이트 hosted a major celebrity poker tournament. As a next thought, Ludwig shared that he didn’t really like playing games.

Ludwig’s tournament was spectacular

Hosted by Ludwig, the tournament had a whopping $ 1 million prize pool.

Featured notable letters on the field. The event welcomed celebrities such as Alexandra Butz, Jimmy “Mr. Twenty “Donaldson.

Tyler” Ninja “Bloins and Felix” xQc “Langley, and professional poker player Phil Helmut was also in attendance.

Ludwig aired a poker game on his official YouTube channel on May 2nd.

Boots eventually took first place with $456,600. MrBeast was behind with $438,900 and Ludwig was third with $404,700.

Ludwig revealed that he does not like gambling.

On the last episode of the podcast series The Yard, the operator said that gambling is not his job. When the other hosts said they were going to Las Vegas to gamble, Ludwig said he didn’t like the game very much.

Players said that one of the reasons for this was that they weren’t very good at gambling. Most of the time he loses money which annoys him.

In addition, he often puts a lot of money in one hand, which is a bad habit that costs him a lot. It no longer interests me.

I don’t really appreciate it. I didn’t like it, it wasn’t fun losing money and I’m a bad gambler.

Ludovic Ahgren

Despite Ludwig’s criticism of his 007카지노 own style of play, Hellmuth was impressed with the streamer and praised his composure.

The MVP thanked Ludwig for setting up the game and praised him for “handling his ups and downs like a pro.”

Ludwig Ahgren was as awesome as the other side of the pillow! He organized the game, played good poker, won big, and handled his ups and downs like a pro (unlike me!).

Phil Helmuth

Gambling streams are one of the most controversial topics in the world of professional gaming. Many love them, but others blame Twitch and YouTube for promoting the harms of gambling.

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