The Weirdest Things Casino Employees Have Seen

  • The best anecdotes are from the weirdest thing the casino staff has ever seen
  • Go to the bathroom or stay in the slots? Although decided
  • A casino where ghosts are loyal patrons

Have you ever thought about the things that people behind us see? In the past, the elites had to watch out for the servants.

They need to be around all the time, but be quiet and invisible so they can be easily forgotten.

All it takes is a little bad rumor to ruin your reputation in the past. Fortunately, this time the worst-case scenario is behind us 제왕카지노. We often forget about smart employees in restaurants, hotels and even casinos.

Basically, it’s their job to be smart but invisible. But just because someone is smart. Professional in the presence of a visitor doesn’t mean they have to hide what they see. Check out the article and laugh with us.

We bring you some of the most amazing things casino staff have ever seen.

A Very Fascinating Gambling Game

On several occasions, staff reported that gamblers did not go to the bathroom. And not because they couldn’t find their way out of the maze-like rooms.

But because the games turned out to be too exciting to leave. Some people accept the adage: if you win, don’t get up from the table, be very serious.

It is believed that there are patrons who avenge the loss of money by urinating on various objects in the casino.

Based on experience, a bucket of change is a good thing.

As it turns out, some players are paranoid when nature calls and are on the verge of victory.

A woman plays slot machines in an empty casino and goes to win. When he could no longer control his appetite, instead of running to the bathroom, he went to the slot machines and consoled himself.

What kind of person would leave an empty casino 카지노사이트 and his prize in it when he knows the cameras are watching, right?

However, the following main characters of the story undoubtedly won the category of the most difficult gamblers.

If the attacker fires a weapon, the guard must push the player out of the slots to protect them from the bullets.

I was wondering what slot machines are worth it. If you are too, check out Bovada Casino.

And play online to avoid having security waiting for you on the ground.

Sometimes people are the most common thing casino employees see

Many employees talk about the classic love story. An elderly wealthy man in a wheelchair with a woman in her twenties looking for gold, gambling for money.

But the casinos have no shortage of married hunters. It happens so many times that aggressive bettors continue to push their luck not only at the gaming tables, but also with women.

Fortunately, there are cameras and securities in this case. And of course there are harmless ones, but hell. According to the source, the guy who 온라인카지노.

Isn’t much of an outsider is trying everything to find a girlfriend every time he’s at the casino.

He was over seven feet tall, smelly, and had a bleeding rash on his face. Some Gamblers even complained and he had to leave every table after a while.

He’s nice, if a bit compulsive, but it’s a hilarious story. Somehow he found his soulmate in the casino. The girl was like a female version of her, and after all, it was a terrible sight to behold.

After the casino gods smiled upon the soft giant, they stopped playing.

Let this be a good lesson: the weirdest things casino employees see don’t always end badly.

Sick Losers

There is a group of people who react badly to loss. Some even went a step further than necessary and resorted to violence.

The dealer reported that a handsome gentleman once came into the casino and demanded more than $56,000 worth of chips.

However, after he got it, he went crazy and talked to the security cameras. He complains, blames, insults and then wants to throw something stronger.

He pulled out a trash can and tried to destroy the camera with it. The security guard was ready to act at that moment and took him away. This can be a hilarious sight behind the security screens.

Casinos are different worlds, with game rooms like a maze, without windows and attractive luxury.

This is probably one of the reasons why people lose control and go crazy. The man behind the security cameras talked about the strangest thing he had ever seen.

One pattern played two-thirds of the numbers on the roulette table, but still lost. Then he suddenly grabbed the money and ran away. When he was arrested, he tried to eat the money under certain circumstances, but as a boss.

He did not doubt the safety. They spat him out and returned the money to the seller, just a normal day at the office.

The mental figure has to be one of the most bizarre things the casino staff has seen

There are several casinos in the world where terrifying visions of ghosts take place.

One of them is Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas. Before the terrible fire, the MGM Grand Hotel stood on the property. 80 people died in the incident.

Many employees and visitors reported seeing chairs and tables running around the empty rooms.

And some even claimed to have seen ghosts in the building.

But if the paranormal isn’t your thing, play at Bovada’s soulless casino. American online gambling sites have several reports associated with ghost stories.

The Bullock Hotel is also said to be a haunted casino. The building was named after Sheriff Bullock, who died in the casino in 1919.

It is said that numbers can be seen in the rooms at night or the rain will keep going out.

However, according to sources, these spirits are not harmful. People believe they are helping gambling promoters. How cool is that?

Perhaps the most terrifying paranormal activity takes place at the Luxor Casino.

Strange things start from the beginning. Seven workers were killed during construction, but the owners kept the gruesome death a secret.

Since then, people have been constantly watching ghosts in work clothes wandering around the casino.

And yet these are not the most bizarre things that casino employees see. Luxor is home to the Titanic exhibit.

And if Titanic is part of the equation, we can certainly expect disasters.

There are actual items from the sunken ship on display, and of course reports say that some of the later passengers roamed the collection.

And if that wasn’t enough, many visitors to the building have committed suicide since the 1990s. Fortunately, there have been no reports of violent behavior towards staff and visitors.

But the number of horrific incidents is cause for concern. Try slots at Bovada casino as a better alternative.

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