Hottest Female Poker Players Are Nothing More Than Eye Candy

The word “poker” is certainly open to some naughty word-play! Just say it slowly. So it’s not surprising that many players are watching, not just the casino table game, but also the hottest female players. And we guess that many have their eyes glued to more than just the cards. Though traditionally, the game was pretty much the domain of guys, we’ve seen more and more female players coming onto the scene and trying to leave their mark. But let’s be real here. Many of the hottest female poker players still struggle to compete with their male counterparts. Yet all the commentators claim that these hotties have both beauty and brains. obviously, someone’s not telling the whole truth here. 카지노사이트

You don’t need to follow online gambling sites in the US to know that pretty hot chicks sell tickets. All the guys love eye candy. And those low-cut outfits with plenty of décolletage on show add a seductive element for the viewer, with the cards held directly in front of their “major assets.” Especially in the age of televised games. Whether any of these hot chick wins is immaterial. We can’t imagine them spendingh ther own bankroll. Just by making an appearance, it’s a win for the tournament organizers like Bodog Casino, which is one of the best online poker sites in the US. And let’s not forget about their advertisers.

Hottest Female Poker Players: Lacey Jones

One look at her photo and you can see why she’s called the “Poker Barbie.” Though she’s billed as a poker pro, we should get real. After all, her career earnings from 2006 to 2019 are just $75,000. Not enough to live on over that time period. But on the plus side, she’s a bombshell blonde who is billed as a social media influencer, TV host, commentator, and fashion model. Her big break was getting hired by the Absolute Poker Pro Team. Right now, she’s more like your best friend’s hot mum.

Tatjana Pasalic

At one time, the Croatian model from Zagreb was considered to be one of the hottest female poker players on the planet. Apparently, she’s been playing poker since the age of 19. Having a stack of chips and being well-stacked are great attributes at that age. But time has passed (she’s almost 40). Though you’ll find her billed as a poker player, the unfortunate truth is that she’s not very good. Her career earnings are a paltry $5,937. Let’s face it, she’s more of a poker ambassador than a player and has worked for the Bodog Casino Team as a TV host. She now working, along with her very fetching rack, on Sky TV’s poker channel. 바카라사이트

Hottest Female Poker Players: Sara J Underwood

Having been Playmate of the Month way back in 2006, everyone knows Sara J Underwood and her assets within the world of poker. In truth, her real connection with poker is pretty slim. After a modeling assignment for VictoryPoker.net, she gets an invite to join them (along with everyone’s favorite poker pro, Dan Bilzerian) on their professional team. Though she looked great as a table decoration, she struggled to understand the game. The site was up for less than a year and it’s closing was no loss for online poker in the US. Still, this TV host, model, and actress has a massive Instagram following of over 9.2 million followers, so she’s obviously doing something right. Apart from playing poker!

Joanna Krupa

According to online gambling news in the US, Joanna has a current world poker ranking of 493,169. There’s simply no other way to put it: she’s a long, long way from being a decent poker player. Consider that she was once one of the hottest female “poker players” in the world. Yet her total career earnings of just $441, are a painful joke. So you might be wondering why on earth she’s on our list? Well, in truth, this Polish babe was a real hotty in 2006. Then she was part of the Titan Poker Team. Keep in mind that our list doesn’t care if any of these babes can play poker or not. It’s all about the sex appeal.

So let’s not forget that Playboy Magazine claimed her to be the “Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World.” Having said that, she still plays poker, but only for charitable causes. We can’t imagine many charities being too happy to see her on their team. Though there might be some fun in watching her struggle with playing poker, you may find her OnlyFans to be more entertaining.온라인카지노

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